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The episode opened with two girls walking and one of them collapsing and then cut to three years later with one of the girls sitting at a coffee shop. A man walked up and told her he was really sorry about her sister and he had information about a drug trial that her sister had been involved with.  The doctor disappeared leaving a list of names. However, two men then chased the woman who promptly ran into Hardison and Eliot. Hardison protected the girl while Eliot took care of the two men chasing her.

The girl, who we find out is named Ashley, explained to the team that her sister had died three year before do to an experimental drug trial. Nate and the team decided to help her find out why someone was chasing her. Eliot went to the apartment of the doctor who left her the names, where he found the doctor dead and confirmed it was murder. Sophie and Parker found that all the names on the list had died due to the drug trial. Hardison found that the doctor had worked for a drug company that appeared to know about how dangerous the drug was. Nate and the team then begin working on the pharmaceutical company Pallagen that ran the drug trial.

The team quickly found that Pallagen planned to release the drug from the trial under the name Vioplex as a pain medication knowing it will kill people. Nate and the team decided to link Vioplex to the drug trial that killed Ashley’s sister to prevent it from being sold. However, when retrieving the drug samples from the trial Parker tripped an alarm and was not able to get the sample.  Nate had bluffed the CEO of Pallagen that he had the samples. 

Nate is grabbed and taken to the CEO’s office where the CEO bragged that Nate’s game had not worked as Nate did not have the vials from the drug trial, the CEO did. Nate told him that they had gotten the vials and put it in the Champaign that he was drinking. The CEO opened the case and no vials were inside. At that moment the FDA agent came in and the CEO freaked out and ran to the Vioplex release party and shouted that they had been poisoned by the drug from the trial. The big screen lights up that the drug trial and Vioplex were the same and the FDA agent found the case still had the samples.

Ashley found closure for her sister and Hardison provided her with the FDA whistle-blowers fee to help the other families affected.

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Leverage Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Parker: So the thing is, I think that maybe I might be having feelings, like weird feelings, for...pretzels.
Hardison: Well, they're right here, when you want them.

Man [flashing badge]: FBI sir, that young lady is in our custody.
Hardison: Aw see you made two mistakes. First, you flashed that fake-ass FBI badge at me. Second, you spilt his coffee (points at Eliot).