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The first episode of the two hour Leverage extravaganza opened with Parker being chased by security guards and Nate receiving a phone call from a mysterious person who knew his name and warned him that Parker was in trouble. The team met at Parker’s place and found that she taken an outside job without them. It also appeared that she needed their help to not get caught as she was caught in a building with the world’s best security system called the Steranko.

Sophie and Hardison went into the office building while Nate and Eliot scouted the buildings surrounding it. Nate and Eliot found Archie Leach who Nate knew years before and was considered the world’s greatest thief and happens to be Parker’s mentor. Nate and Eliot learned that Archie was the reason that Parker was in trouble because she tried to keep him and his family safe. Meanwhile inside, Sophie used her skills to get her and Hardison access in the office building and computer system including the Steranko.

Working to get Parker out of the building the team learned that the job to steal a canister that Parker was working on was choreographed by a doctor within the company who wanted to steal a wheat blight virus so that her company would have the only immune wheat available and release the blight on the competition. When almost out Parker realized they were the only one who could stop her and made the call that they had to stop the doctor from getting the blight.

With some creative use of Hazmat suits and having activated a full lock-down, Nate brings a news crew in who are filming live when the doctor and the security chief confronted the group (wearing hazmat suits) and explained the whole plan on live TV and confessed to a plan to commit murder.  The team escaped together through the window washer lift outside.

Nate and Archie said goodbye, with no love loss but leaving as Gentlemen. Archie said goodbye to Parker and expressed his happiness that she had a good crew and that she had someone to call family.

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Leverage Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Ok, let's go steal ourselves a Parker.


So tell me Nate, what color is your hat these days? Black or white?