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The episode opened with the team attempting to intercept a man named John Keller at the airport. Keller is one of Damian Moreau item handler and could get the team closer to Moreau. As the team got ready to make the swap on Keller a small girl was arrested for carrying an artifact in her backpack.

Sophie and Nate speak to the consulate that was in charge of the little girl and figured out that Keller was using refugee kids to move stolen items. The team decided to get Keller with his passion of antiques and went to London.

In London the first con they tried was blown when the item Nate had did not pass Keller’s testing. However, Sophie stepped in and changed the con into offering him a Baron title, which hooked Keller.
Sophie laid out the plan for the con including Hardison creating a diary from scratch that would pass inspection of a Keller’s status. The team got Keller to buy the item at auction and they could trace the money back to Moreau.

After the auction, Keller took possession of the fake book and then decided to ditch Sophie as he believed he would have a better chance on his own. He told his men to steal her items and then kill her man and dump in the river. Sophie’s man was Eliot who overpowered the three guys and left them tied up. Keller was stopped at the airport as the box the book was made from some Russian Icons and Keller’s men were outside a storage unit full of stolen goods and were arrested.

Sophie, Nate, and the team were able to help reunite the little girl with her family. Afterwards, Hardison explained that he has a really strong lead on Moreau from tracking the money that Keller paid for the auction.

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I love Claridge's auction house. Even the air feels more expensive.


Okay, let's go steal a royal title.