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The second part of the two hour Leverage premiere opened with a young man working on his computer and some thugs speaking Iranian burst in take his computer. This brought the young man Nate and his team for help. He wanted help completing what he was working to destroy spying software called “Manticore” so that the protest scheduled for the same time as the elections in his home country could be done without anyone being targeted by the government. 

Nate and the team took the case and the trail quickly led them to software mogul Larry Duberman. The team found that Larry is hosting the Manticore software from and old 1985 computer in his office and Harding could not crack the last password needed to get into the system of Manticore. Nate and the team found that the passwords Harding did get all involve his high school in somewhat. Thus they deduce that the last password must be in the same area.  To that end they moved the date for his high school reunion up to only a few weeks away so they could get the last password.

Nate and Sophie posed as former classmates and attempted to coax the password out of Larry. Eliot was sitting in the office trying password phrases they get from Larry. While Eliot was working on that, the Iranian broke in the office, as they wanted the software. Nate and Sophie loose Larry at the reunion to an ex-cheerleader named Nikki. Harding found that “Nikki” was not a former cheerleader from Larry’s high school, but is currently an assassin who was sent to kill Larry. 

Sophie prevented Nikki from killing Larry. Larry was then saved a second time by Nate and Nikki was removed from the picture by Parker and a tazer. However, Larry figured out that Nate and Sophie were not who they said they were and when they tell him that they were there to get the password to Manticore, in a panic he changed the password remotely to prevent anyone from getting into the system. Eliot knocks out the Iranians and enters a password, which worked and destroyed Manticore.

Larry was completely baffled how they knew the password when he just changed it right there.  Nate explained that they actually had been giving him small subliminal suggestions all night long and knew what password he would pick.

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Leverage Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Nate: What are you lurking??
Eliot: Yeah. I'm a lurker, that's my thing.

He is the CEO of Dubertech. Back in the 90s he wrote the book on database security and I mean literally wrote "the book" (Holds up the book).