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This episode opened picked up with Damien Moreau hitting Nate in his office. Then we cut back to Nate and the team a week earlier where they had a conversation with a General in San Lorenzo where Damien Moreau ran, too.

The General is arrested while speaking to Nate and the team and Moreau walked into view and taunted Nate and his team. Nate called in a favor with the Italian Woman and got into San Lorenzo. Nate and his team went to the campaign office of Michael Vittori, the only person running against the current corrupt president who Moreau owns and convinced him that they were there to help his polling.

Sophie ended up posing as Rebecca, Michael’s fiancée so she could help coach him during the final week of the election. With Nate’s help, Vittori was climbing in the polls. Nate continued to help Vittori’s numbers climb.

On Election Day just as the polls closed Nate arranged to have it appear as if Rebecca (Sophie) was killed protecting Vittori and Nate got dragged into the President’s office where the corrupt President and Moreau were waiting.

Nate laid out the information for Moreau that he didn’t really need to win the election, just have everyone believe it for a little while. He then turned to the President and gave him an arrest warrant for Moreau and explained that if he signed it and retired he could retire to Moreau’s villa and everything inside as his pension. That is of course if Moreau was arrested for his many crimes.

The President signed the arrest warrant and Moreau was dragged to the secure cells that the General had been kept in. There the Mysterious Italian Woman waited to lock him in, telling Nate that he would never be leaving San Lorenzo. The General, now free was working with the new President on making the country free.

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Leverage Season 3 Episode 16 Quotes

Sophie: Nate, I have to say, of all the deceitful on principle, corruptible things I have done in my life, nothing is as bad as...
Nate: Politics?
Sophie: I can't even say it.

Let's go steal a country.