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This episode opened with the South African dignitary Alexander Moto who is the heir apparent to his brother Simeon Moto presidency in his home country when term limits force him out, making a deal with some U.S companies.

The team learned that Alexander Moto was effectively buying the election in his home country using smuggled diamonds from his diamond mines. Nate came up with a plan to cut off the diamonds and stop him from buying the election.

Nate and the team figured out that Alexander’s diamonds are in a safe under a concert hall he owns and to steal them they needed a concert played in the concert hall that forced the motion sensors in the vault offline so they could break in. Hardison goes undercover as a violinist from Alexander’s country with the symphony where he played the solo of Scheherazade at the very end.

The team worked out a plan that allowed them to enter the vault during the concert with entry timed with the beat of the music. They entered the vault successfully, but failed to get out before the motion sensors came back on. The team was surrounded by security when Alexander and his brother Simeon came down to see what the commotion was. When they arrived Nate explained to Simeon that his brother Alexander was attempting to have him assassinated. As Alexander tried to say it was all false, security found a sniper rifle with a finger print of Alexander’s security on it.  

The team had secretly planted some evidence that made it appear as if someone was trying to assassinate Simeon and used it to leave the building by intentionally getting caught. While the charges against Alexander would not stick, it became clear that Alexander would never be president in his home country after they searched the vault and found smuggled diamonds.

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Leverage Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Let's go steal the man on the street... in Africa.


Parker: This vault is a state of the art Glen Reader, it's un-hackable, even for Hardison
Nate: So we have to get them to turn it off for us.