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The episode opened with a man and his thugs breaking into the home of a brother and sister as they are singing a song together. The man said that he warned them about talking to a lawyer and then broke both of the brother’s hands.

The sister Kaylin, meets with Nate and Eliot and explained that she and her brother had dreams of making it big in the country music world and that the man, Mitchell Kirkwood had offered to help them. Instead he had stolen their music, songs, and money he owed them. 

Nate posed as the manager of a new talent played by Eliot. Sophie posed as a record label manager from London. Nate approached Kirkwood for his advice on how to handle a situation with Sophie wanting to purchase a song from his new talent and Kirkwood steps in to broker a deal.

The team worked their way into the Kirkwood studios and with Eliot and Hardison working as a diversion, Parker was able to break into the safe and retrieve the master tapes of Kaylin’s song along with the master of Kirkwood’s only single. Hardison figured out that Kirkwood’s one hit single was actually sung by someone else but that person died mysteriously before anything could be proven.

Surprising the team, Kirkwood decided to take the song that Eliot was singing by attempting to kill him. Kirkwood tried to sing the song in front of a bunch of recording executives. The team turned the tables on Kirkwood by having Kaylin interrupt his lip-synched performance with a live performance and then played his confession of murdering the artist he stole his first song from. Eliot gave Kaylin back her master tape and she got several offers from different recording studios. Kaylin asked Eliot to go with her but, he told her he could not.

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Leverage Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Eliot: Hardison....
Hardison: Don't ever do the Smurf thing again?
Eliot: Riiiight.

Parker: I am still unclear on where this "fiddle" is.
Nate: It just walked through the door.