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The episode opened with a man bursting into a room and pointing a gun at Nate, we then cut to three days before when a woman came to Nate and the team to get their help getting some blueprints from a man name Morris Beck who’s building have been falling down due to corner cutting. 

After Nate and the team got files from Beck’s work computer, they found that the blueprints were being kept at his private residence on an island; a residence where Beck was hosting a murder mystery the very next weekend. 

Nate and the team got themselves invited and were working their plan to find the blueprints when Beck is killed during a short power failure and Nate is blamed for it. Nate and the team then had to do double work to find the blueprints and Beck’s killer to keep Nate from going to jail (again). 

It didn’t take long for Nate to figure out that the killer would be the only other person to know he wasn’t the killer. With the team’s help Nate figured out that Beck’s daughter Hayley, was behind the murder having pulled in a patsy to do the dirty work.  Nate managed to knock out the Hammond who did kill Beck, while Sophie over-powered Hayley. 

Hardison and Parker had found the blueprints in a hidden room, Nate and Sophie gave the plans to the client and Hayley and Hammond were arrested. 

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Leverage Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Hardison: Nate killed someone?
Eliot: Nate didn't kill anyone.
Parker: But you would tell us though, wouldn't you?
Nate: Yes Parker, I would tell you if I murdered the mark.

Eliot: This is a bad idea; the way I normally get information out of guys is messy
Nate: Tonight you are a grifter, adapt.