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The episode opened with Greg “The Mako” Sherman in a boiler room setting up shady deals and stealing the funds from a private school. The woman he stole from went to Nate for help getting the money back.

Nate knew that Sherman was the son and grandson of two of the best con-men who ever lived and that he could not be conned.  Nate sent Hardison into Sherman’s organization where Sherman caught him and when he asked who Hardison worked for, he said a cocoa commodities broker known as “Count Chocula”

Sherman insisted to meet the count and Nate, Sophie, and the rest of the team tried to lull Sherman into a con to buy cocoa futures. Nate even had Eliot take Sherman to Ecuador to show him the cocoa fields as part of this plan.

Sherman let them believe that he fell for it but instead purchased shares in timber and transferred 30 million to his person account. As he revealed this to Nate, Nate explained that it wasn’t a conn, it was a distraction, and that Hardison had intercepted the 30 million. About that time the FBI showed up to arrest him. 

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Leverage Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

You can't con a con-artist, we are going to have to just steal from him.


Eliot: We waiting on Parker?
Hardison: No, she's at the chocolate festival. It's like sending a crack addict to a cocaine festival.