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The episode opened with a man running out of a building with two thugs chasing him, he avoided the thugs by hanging on the side of a car.

For Nate and his team it was downtime, the boys were going to play poker while Parker was meeting up with a friend and Sophie was meeting Tara for drinks. As it turned out Parker needed Sophie and Tara’s help because the guy her friend was supposed to meet was a thief and up to no good.   

Sophie, Tara, and Parker managed to stop the Venezuela government from blowing up the reception party they followed the thief too and got information on the Venezuela government to the right people to help remove corruption.

While stopping the thief, Parker showed him that sometimes you can be a bad guy for a good reason. She also prevented her friend from getting hurt in the process. 

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Leverage Season 4 Episode 13 Quotes

The lament of the grifter.... who really knows us.


Eliot: I have my buddies in the military. Even Hardison has his little internet friends, they're all elves and gnomes.
Hardison: Orcs, they're orcs.