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The episode opened with two men in a suit at a farm harassing a girl. The girl, Emily Marigold went to Nate for help because an agricultural corporation, Verd Agra is trying to steal her bio-engineered potato. As Nate is running down the details of the job, the corporation sent their pit-bull second in charge, Janet after Emily again; this time she got the potato from Emily. 

Sophie managed to convince Janet that she was a security expert hired by the board of directors to keep the potato safe. Once Nate and the rest of the team had gotten inside the building Sophie had them lock down the building why she found the mole in the company.

With some creativity Parker was able to get to the Burn Vault and get the potato back. Meanwhile Sophie and Eliot managed to expose a real mole in the company. Nate used the mole to frame the CEO who had been going after Emily. 

Emily got her super tuber back, mostly. Nate had cut a huge slice of it to bring back and had the rest cooked in the kitchen as carrying out an entire potato was not possible. 

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Leverage Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Hardison: Say something now.
Eliot: One good lift in 3 years... awesome

Parker: So we have to fool the security system to get the banana
Nate: Potato.
Parker: Whatever.