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The episode opened Sterling arriving at Nate’s bar and asking for his help in recovering a weight that is used to help make weapon’s grade plutonium.

Nate and his team headed to Dubai where Hardison got Nate in the chess tournament that the industry mogul was hosting and his step-daughter Olivia was entered in. Using the chess tournament as a distraction, Hardison arranged it so that Nate and Olivia would face off against each other in the final round. 

Hardison and Parker worked out how she was going to break into the vault and steal the weight, as she headed up to do that, Sterling drugged Eliot and started tripping up the mission including setting off the alarms. 

During the Chess match against Olivia, Nate noticed some familiar traits to Sterling and put it together that the weight is not what Sterling was really after, but, instead it was his biological daughter Olivia. 

The team managed to escape the building and Nate confronted Sterling who confessed that he wanted his daughter back and knew that Nate was the only one good enough to help. 

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Leverage Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

Hardison: Because of its atomic mass, this thing is the nuclear version of "the one ring"
Sophie: Ring? What ring?
Nate: Don't get him started.

Nate: You still haven't said what's in it for me.
Sterling: I will owe you a favor. How often does that happen?