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The episode opened with Nate meeting with Latimer where Latimer told him that after Nate declined the job he hired Nate’s father who appeared to now be stuck inside the patent office he broke into.


Nate attempted to go by himself to rescue his father, not telling them why he was trying to do the job alone. The team would not let him and tagged along. The team worked out getting in and out except that at every turn something they were not expecting would happen. 


After some quick thinking Nate managed to get the entire team and his father out the back exit while the police were coming in the front down. However, his father snuck away. Nate figured out that they were being manipulated by someone else. 


Nate tried to warn his father, but his father walked into the trap anyway trying to keep Nate safe. Just as Nate and the team got to the warehouse Jimmy was in the entire place blew up. 

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Leverage Season 4 Episode 17 Quotes

Why ya'll always pushing me off of stuff. Don't I get a vote? I vote NO!


Eliot: What does Latimer want at the patent office?
Hardison: What doesn't he want, cure for the common cold, warp drive, the water engine?