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The Morning After - Liar
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Laura breaks up with her long time boyfriend, Tom. She wants to stay friends because they've known each other since they were kids.

Katy, Laura's sister, wants to set her up on a date with a doctor she works with, Andrew.

Andrew and Katy have working together for a while. There are some hints that Andrew has a crush on Laura.

Laura agrees and her and Andrew meet for drinks. After walking her home, Laura invites Andrew in while he waits for his cab. 

The next morning, the two wake up with completely different feelings about how the night ended. Andrew goes to work while Laura goes to the police.

Katy steps up to protect her sister. She takes the day off work and asks her husband to stay home with the kids so she can accompany Laura to the hospital. 

Andrew is arrested and questions about his night with Laura.

Katy meets up with Tom and asks him to look into Andrew's background. Turns out, his wife committed suicide a few years ago. 

Laura desperately tries to remember the events of the night before. 

Police search her house and collect evidence. 

Katy and Tom meet up again, revealing a common secret.

Andrew tries to talk to Laura.

Fed up with the speed of the investigation, Laura takes matters into her own hands.

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Liar Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

I want him to feel humiliated. I want him to suffer.


Are you sure it happened exactly like she said it did?