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This week’s episode of Lie to Me starts the second half of season two with the Lightman Group taking on two cases. Cal and Gillian looked into a college student named Martin Walker, who Cal felt is a psychopathic killer after Martin participated in a classroom demonstration of his reading skills where Cal appeared to have mis-read Martin. Meanwhile Eli and Ria took on a case of an eccentric science teacher Sam Hendricks whose recent claim of seeing a UFO was being used to try and force him out of his teaching career.

Cal recruited Agent Ben Reynolds from the FBI to help follow Martin. Cal had no trouble allowing Martin to know that they are following him as he felt that it would help keep the girl Martin picked up safe.  Martin shows up at Cal’s office and after a minute of cat and mouse dialog Martin tells Cal that he won’t win this game and that if he does he would give Cal back the two hundred dollars he lost in the classroom demonstration. Back with Sam Hendricks Eli and Rita brought in some of his students one of which showed strong signs of regret. When pressed he showed a video he took of the UFO. Eli wanted to get someone from the Air Force out for a live read, and had a plan to do it.

Cal and Gillian visited Martin’s mother at home and while there Martin comes home and finds them talking to her and explain they are holding a grudge against him. Martin’s mother asked them to leave. Driving back Gillian told Cal that she feels he may be wrong, Cal on the other hand had “borrowed” a tap from Martin’s mother and on it they found a video of a young Martin and an older sister. Ben returns to explain the sister had drowned when Martin was only 5.

Martin stepped up the game a notch as he decided to bump into Rita at a coffee shop and insist on buying her a new cup of coffee as an introduction. Martin and Ria walked out to their cars where Martin asked Rita on a date and after she said yes, he revealed who he was to make the point he is not a killer or she would have been dead. Rita found Cal and Gillian at the hospital with Ben where a possible victim of Martin’s was being treated. Cal asks Ria to bond with the girl over their shared experiences. She does and the girl identifies Martin as her attacker and explains he had drowned her over and over

Sam Hendrick and Eli go on an interview with the news to ask why the Government is not responding to the claims of a UFO given the video and multiple eye witnesses.  Martin was arrested and interviewed; during the interview it became clear that he had issues. Cal and Martin’s professor go to visit his mother where Cal deduced that Martin’s sister was actually drown by Martin. Back at the Lightman Group Ria and Sam Hendricks was discussing trust when a representative from the Air Force arrived. He explains that Sam saw a B1 bomber that was shot down due to the pilot having gone rogue. Eli and Rita both could tell the man was lying.

Martin’s professor breaks up with him while Cal was hiding in the next room in hopes to bait Martin. However, instead of the professor being the target Martin comes after Cal. Martin tortures Cal and was making him dig his own grave when the police arrive. Cal explains where Martin looked to reveal the location of four bodies. Eli and Ria came to a compromise with the Air Force to save Sam’s career even though it was a comply lie. Ria told Eli that given the nature of UFO, having saved Sam’s career was a feat of his own.

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Lie to Me Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Ria Torres: You really want to take this case?
Eli Loker: What, is the guy and eccentric? Yes, big time. But so am I, have you seen this shirt.

Here's the problem, Martin Walker is a psychopath and probably a killer. Just though you should know.

Cal Lightman