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The episode opened a friend of Lightman named Julie Kinnell calling him and saying she needed his help when she was meeting a contact at a hotel. Julie walked into the room where a man named Bo Hackman was waiting with a package. Lightman walked into his house and heard Emily upstairs with her boyfriend Rick. After listening to the message from Julie, Lightman rounded up Emily and Rick with plans of taking Rick home and stopping by the hotel on the way. When Lightman got to the hotel Julie was dead on the floor.

Agent Reynolds showed up and explained that Julie had been working on a story about a dirty councilmen named Anslinger for a while which made her murder an FBI case. Hackman found Lightman at his office and asked for his help. Hackman explained that Anslinger had hired him to kill a man named Cook and he was turning the information over to Julie to help stop Anslinger. Hackman went out the back way of Lightman’s office.

Two cops had shown up at the Lightman Group claiming a routine check, Ria said there was no way they were there for a routine check and that they were hunting Hackman. That evening Gillian and Lightman arrived at his house to see flashlights moving around inside, when they entered quietly and sprayed mace at one of the burglars it turned out that it was the two cops who had come to the office.

Lightman went to the train station to meet Hackman for a copy of the information that he had given Julie. Just as Lightman was about to get to him a man shot him in the back of the head and took the envelope. Agent Reynolds rushed in and attempted to stop the shooter but instead was shot twice.

Reynolds was taken away by the paramedics and Bernard showed up and Lightman confronted him about Reynolds wearing a wire. Bernard explained that Reynolds had done it on his own.  Lightman said he was going to get to the bottom of what was going on.

Lightman and Gillian got Anslinger and Cook into the same room and with a little prodding they found that Cook had set the whole thing up of framing Anslinger over a DUI Anslinger had given him years before when he was a cop. Bernard arrested Cook and Lightman told Anslinger that he was not going to let Julie’s investigation work go to waste and they would be getting to know each other.

Lightman finally was able to talk to Emily about her boyfriend Rick; she explained that while she and Rick had not actually had sex, she had lost her virginity two boyfriends before. Lightman told her that he trusted and gave her a big hug.

Lie to Me
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Lie to Me Season 2 Episode 22 Quotes

Lightman: Emily has lost her virginity.
Gillian: Lost it?
Lightman: Well misplaced it, you know.
Gillian: Lost works, how do you know?

Emily: Why aren't you at work?
Lightman: I am an adult, I keep my own hours.