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The episode opened with Lightman and Gillian at the office of a pornography producer asking to have him shoot a movie of the two of them. Gillian was very insistent that they wanted a threesome with a very specific girl. The producer acted as if he could get the girl, but then came clean that he could not. Gillian paid him handsomely for the girl’s phone number.

Back at the office, Gillian and Lightman let Reynolds know that they only had a little luck finding the missing girl named Molly. Lightman ask Reynolds to look into the phone number they got. Emily walked into Lightman’s office and said he had agreed to let her shadow him at this time and she knew about the case as she had been friends with Molly’s sister Amy.

Lightman agrees begrudgingly and allows Emily to participate in the investigation. Reynolds managed to track Molly’s address down, Lightman and Gillian went over there and found Molly passed out drugged in one of the rooms. They brought Molly back to Lightman’s house. She said she would not go back to her dads and Lightman said she didn’t have too.

Molly eventually admitted that she had remembered that her dad had killed her mom years ago but had repressed it. She also admitted that she was HIV positive from doing the porn movies. Lightman arranged to have Reynolds bring Molly’s dad in with him thinking he was under arrest. Once he started talking he explained that Molly had left toys out mimicking a cartoon that her mother had slipped on and that is how she died.

Lightman, Gillian, Emily, and Molly’s sister and father discuss that Molly was to fragile to handle the truth. Against their better judgment, Lightman said that Molly needed a lie that would explain what she remembered without it being her fault. Amy came up with an idea.

Lightman and Reynolds went after the pornography producer who had shot the movies and found the actor who was HIV positive and gave Molly and three other girls HIV. Reynolds arrested the actor and the doctor who gave him a clean bill of health.

Lightman explained to Molly that Amy had left some toys out that her mom had slipped on, and her dad had been cleaning them up to help prevent anyone from blaming Amy. Molly believed the lie and the family were reunited. Eli got the promotion that Lightman had said he or Ria would get. He asked Ria to celebrate with him but she said she couldn’t “boss” and left.

That night Lightman and Emily were making dinner as she finished her homework. She asked him about the lie Amy had to tell, he explained that in his experience no lie ever lead to anything good, and he hoped he was right on this one that it was worth it. Emily erased her paper to help assure nobody found out. 

Lie to Me
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Lie to Me Season 2 Episode 21 Quotes

So you're saying you have accomplished nothing aside from being born.


Lightman: And who says the FBI are just a bunch of puppets?
Emily: That would be you dad.