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The episode opened with Lightman sitting in small café that Gillian and Dave walked into. After some small talk Dave came clean with Lightman about his work for the DEA. Lightman continued to follow Dave the rest of the day and witnessed him being abducted at gun point that night outside a bar.

The Lightman Group is retained by the DEA to help save Dave. It appeared that Dave was being held by a drug dealer named Little Moon. Little Moon’s father Big Moon had been killed a few years back and Little Moon wanted to know who did it. Lightman made arrangements to help Little Moon figure out who killed his father hoping to save Dave.

Lightman and Gillian met with Little Moon’s people and they took the two of them back to where they had Dave held. Lightman begins to try and gain Little Moon’s trust so he can help him as promised to find out who killed his father.

Lightman, Gillian, and Dave decided to play Little Moon and his men against each other. Back at the office Ria and Eli worked with Reynolds to question Dave’s former partner Russo. Russo explained that she was involved with Little Moon’s father and was not able to complete her assignment, so Dave had to and he had killed Big Moon.

Lightman convinced Little Moon to send one of his two guys to take Gillian back to her car. After he dropped her off he was stopped by the police. Lightman explained to Little Moon that his other guy Harris, yawned when he lied. Lightman and Dave working together convinced Little Moon that Harris had been a confidential informant and that he had killed Little Moon’s father. Little Moon shot Harris and the FBI burst in right afterwards.

Harris survived the shooting, Dave also survived. Lightman confirmed with Dave that he had actually done the shooting.  However, given that his cover was blown the DEA was moving him and changing his name and he could not bring himself to tell Gillian that he had to leave her.

Lie to Me
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Lie to Me Season 2 Episode 20 Quotes

Agent Williams: Dr. Lightman, the ship is leaving.
Lightman: Whoop-dee-do.

Whatcha call that, "Stupid on a plate?"