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We see Cal Lightman working with Clara Musso in a negotiation for some form of contract purchases. She is using his reading ability to get the best offer. After the meeting Clara told Lightman she wanted to learn from him. He agreed and they bantered about the fee involved. Lightman then received a call from Agent Reynolds about the cop that had been shot.

The cop is completely paralyzed and the D.C. police need Lightman’s help in getting information from the officer by reading his reactions to questions. With Lightman’s help they determine that two kids who were normally just simple drug runners were involved with the shooting. They begin the search for who the kids were working for when they shot the cop.

As Lightman worked with the D.C. police to help figure out why the police officer was shot he had to juggle training Clara with keeping her safe as they went to some dangerous federal housing.  At the housing Lightman met a small girl who said the man they were looking for was not home because he was dead and men with coroner jackets and gun holsters had carried him out.  Lightman determined this meant that cops were involved since true coroners would not be wearing guns.

Lightman went to see the fallen officer.  With the officer’s help he managed to figure out that it was four cops that were involved in his shooting. Lightman then helped the officer say goodbye to his wife and daughter before he passed away.

Lightman continued working with Agent Reynolds and the D.C police to uncover what happen to the missing man in the federal housing and it came out that the four officers were running a rent scam and when Lightman put the officers on warning that he was watching them they arrested his daughter to scare him. However, it backfired as he just dug in harder and found that the police captain was involved with the four cops.

With the captain’s help Lightman and Agent Reynolds were able to get one of the four officers to break and confess to what happen. All four officers went to jail for life and the captain was going to get a deal for helping catch the killer of the missing man and the person who shot the officer.

Back at the Lightman Group Gillian having worked with Clara Musso found an investment firm that would keep the firm going while they got back on their feet. Unbeknown to Lightman or Gillian Clara is the primary stock holder in that firm, so she will be working with them even more.

Lie to Me
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Lie to Me Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

Agent Reynolds: Are you sure?
Cal Lightman: Yea I'm sure, sure as the lie on his face.

The question to you is; can you read a man who can barely move his eyes?

Captain James