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This week’s episode of Lie to me started with billionaire Victor Musso and his very young and beautiful wife Clara Musso having a romantic evening rendezvous. Afterwards Clara left to get snacks and came back to find Victor dead and herself accused of his murder. Cal and his team were brought in for her trial as experts for the prosecution.

During Cal’s time on the stand he said a few things to get a rise out of Clara Musso and is removed from the stand (and the courtroom) by the judge. After the trial ends that day Cal snuck in and spoke to Clara where determined that she was innocent. Cal and his team then went to work for Cal’s ex-wife Zoe to help prove she was innocent.

The team finds that there is a flaw in the testimony of the Victor’s son Damien. Damien said that Clara came on to him but ended it when she found he had no money. Clara said he came on to her and she stopped it before it started. With some creative testing Cal and his team proved that Damien was the one not telling the truth. However, there was also something up with her best friend Tanya who had been coming to court everyday to support Clara.  It turned out that that Tanya is actually blackmailing the Clara.

It came out that Clara and Tanya had helped Victor celebrate his 60th birthday with the granting of a fantasy of having two women at the same time and ever since, Tanya had been blackmailing Clara. At the very end Cal figures out that Victor lifelong best friend Leo had been involved and Leo finally admitted that Victor was dying and was asked to help him commit suicide.  Leo further admitted that Victor had left a video for Clara explaining why.

Lie to Me
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Lie to Me Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Clara Musso: There seems to be a lot of chemistry there with your ex-wife
Cal Lightman: Yeah, well there's a lot of chemistry in Chernobyl.

Cal Lightman: Nobody can tell the whole truth, it's subjective, and passes through our own filters.
Judge Quinn: How about you promise to be honest to the best of your ability?
Cal Lightman: Now you're talking!