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The episode Lightman walking up on Gillian who has blood all over her arms and looks shell-shocked. The scene then cuts back two days to Lightman and the company “Seek Out” which is some form of personals/social network website worth billions. He finds the founder Zach and questions him about the co-founders of the company Kyle and Claire; Kyle was drummed out of the company and Lightman asked if Claire was next.

Back at the office Lightman explained to Claire that she could be in trouble, that Zach seemed to be planning something but he didn’t know what. Gillian scolded him for not being gentler with Claire. Gillian then explained she had know Claire since she was a teenager and wanted to help her.

Lightman went home where he found Emily and Liam stretching after a workout and Emily made near sex sounds while stretching. Lightman’s phone rings and it is Gillian. Lightman shows up where Gillian is (we are back to where she has blood on her). It is Claire’s apartment and Claire was attacked and Gillian tried to save her.

Wollowski showed up and took on the case. Wollowski thought that Kyle was the most likely suspect and Lightman told her he wasn’t.  She continued one path while Lightman continued on another. Lightman convinced Kyle to work from his office and when Zach was able to plant a worm that crashed Lightman’s systems, Lightman figured out he could use his ego against him and had Wollowski plant the idea of needing more evidence that Kyle and Claire had been together.

Zach immediately access stolen files he has showing Kyle and Claire together at which time Lightman, Gillian and Kyle confront him. When Zach says that the truth doesn’t matter he has great lawyers he didn’t realize he was being recorded on his own social network site and incriminated himself.

Lightman made sure Gillian was ok, Kyle brought Gillian the necklaces that she and Claire had made when she was first seeing Gillian as a little girl. Lightman went home to find that Emily had broken up with Liam because he didn’t believe in premarital sex; she then asked him if he loved Gillian and he said yes, she then pressed “really” love her and he again said yes. When she asked why had he not done anything he said he didn’t have an answer. 

Lie to Me
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Lie to Me Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Claire: So this is my fault?
Lightman: Are you saying or are you asking?

Zach: Claire and I have been friends since freshman year, you can tell her she is safe.
Lightman: Define safe.