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The episode opened with a boy looking through the briefcase of his mother’s boyfriend. He found a whole bunch of cash and a small ledger written in shorthand. The kid (Noah) and his mother (Lilly) went to Lightman’s firm to get help with checking out the boyfriend George Walker.

Lightman takes the case for Noah because he is worried about his mother. Fairly quickly Eli tracks down that George has an ex-wife, or rather several ex-wives; when the counting is done George has six ex-wives not counting Lilly who would have been number seven. Lightman figured out that George was being paid by a shady lawyer to seduce and marry women to break their alimony payments. The lawyer and George would get 50% of one year’s alimony in exchange for this service.

Once George was busted by Wallowski, the lawyer showed up and took him away. Wallowski was at Lightman’s house when she got the call that George’s garage with him in it burned up. After Lightman and Wallowski go to the scene of the fire they bring the three woman who had confronted George at Lightman’s office back in. While the first two were clearly innocent, Lilly had signs of guilt.

Lightman had Lilly and Noah brought back in and after a short discussion Noah attempted to confess to killing George clearly to protect his mother. Once Lilly admitted that she had gone to see George but he was alive when she left Lightman got a call that the Lawyer’s car was at the Airport.

When Wallowski and Lightman got to the airport they found George not the lawyer there. George had killed the lawyer and attempted to fake his own death. Wallowski convinced him that if he would testify against the people listed in the ledger as having taken part in scamming their ex-wives, she would assure he would not get the death sentence.

Lie to Me
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Lie to Me Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Sod George, I say nick his bike.


Emily: Are you ready?
Lightman: I seriously doubt it.