Sam discovers his father may be involved in the kidnapping of a prominent family's child. That's always awkward.

As Sam and the unit look into the case, Tyler realizes he may have discovered why his dad had left town in 1973. Forgotten memories of his childhood begin to surface, causing Sam to believe he may have been sent back in time to assist his father during this incident.

Life on Mars
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Life on Mars Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Sam: Wait, he's missing eyes, ears and a nose.
Chris: And hands and tongue. You can't see it in that photo.
Sam: Ugh-h-h.
Lee: Word on the street - The Pignatos wanted it known if you cross them you have violated one of their five senses. They retaliate symbolically.

Sam: You're missing the point. Maybe this is the reason why I'm here. To figure out what happened to my family ... and to prevent my father from leaving.
Annie: Are you saying that that filthy kidnapper is your father?
Sam: That's exactly what I'm saying ... Happy Birthday to me.