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For the better half of this weeks episode, both Aidan and Stella continued to dig themselves deeper into the messes of their own creation. 

With Stella this meant that she took Wes's "he needed time" message in good faith and didn't concern herself with any ramifications that may take a shot at the trust between the two of them. 

It also means that the entire gang end up at a bar where Doctor Grant is playing with his band and he just so happens to croon an old love song that makes both he and Stella all gushy eyed as they stare longingly at one another from across the bar. 

Wes, mind you, is far from pleased. 

The two don't face their issues until the very end of the episode when Stella learns that he tried to pick a fight with Grant and he finally admits he's not sure what needs to happen in order for Stella to restore faith that she wants to be with Wes and only Wes. 

Aidan however is in a greater pickle with possible three years of jail time looking down at him. To make matters significantly worse, he realizes that it was his father who tipped off the police that he'd been selling the drugs in the first place.

There's a considerable fall out as Aidan goes momentarily missing until Elizabeth and Stella are able to will him back, telling him that he's brave enough to face the unknown. 

Not just brave, but lucky too, as he gets one week of county jail and a whole lot of community service hours. 

It's all not quite as dire as it was at the end of last week, but the ascent towards normalcy is taking its time with this family. 

Life Sentence
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