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Until Stella realized she was cancer free, she hadn't ever understood the gravity of her actions or the consequences that may follow. If last week was setting the scene of the life that she surrounds herself with, then episode two is all about deconstructing that scene. Sure, she may have learned that her family wasn't as picturesque as she may have once imagined, but she never could've predicted just how dire it all was. 

The first roadblock she encounters is the legitimacy of her and Wes's marriage being called into question, jump started by Stella's forgetfulness when she failed to mail out their wedding license on time. While the two get to work in studying one another, making sure their knowledge of one another goes beyond the emotional and physical. 

Her family is in further disarray with her mother seemingly gone off the deep end and her father digging his heels in the ground over the manner in which they sell the house. 

Meanwhile her siblings, Elizabeth and Aidan, are coping with the lot they've been thrown in life as the former tries her hand at her passion (to varying results) and the latter comes to terms with taking the next step with the woman pregnant with his child. 

Whatever that next step is and how it plays out is another story.  

Once again ending on a note that's so sweet it's cavity inducing as Aidan isn't deported and allowed to stay in the U.S. with his, the show offers up a neatly tied bow to an episode overfilling with character mess. 

Life Sentence
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Life Sentence Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Hey don't be so hard on yourself. You weren't trying to make everything worse.


To be fair, there were no real consequence to my actions until last week.