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Baze is totally broke. On Cate’s web page Baze notices that Cate’s drink-a-date is at the bar next door to his. He calls Cate and sees if she could hook him up into hosting the drink a date event. She tells him not a chance so Baze devises a plan to call in an anonymous tip that the bar next door is allowing underage people in.

Baze and Cate get Lux’s paperwork. It shows what Lux always wanted - a mom and dad. A mom that was smart, pretty and could cook and a dad who was rich and famous and lived in a big house.  Cate thinks she is pretty much everything that Lux is looking for, while Baze realizes he isn’t.

Lux gets called into the principles office for bringing in drug paraphernalia to school - it is the bong lamp that she sold to her friend.  She gets suspended for five days and Cate is furious. She tries to get Lux out of suspension by showing the principal Lux’s file. The principal asks her assistant to make a copy and the mean girl, Nick, makes a copy of her file.

The next day at school the entire file is posted on her locker. Her friend Brinn is upset because Lux lied to her face and sold her a bong that wasn’t Jerry Garcia’s.

Lux is furious with Cate and heads to Baze’s because of what Cate did to her life at school. Downstairs, at the drink-a-date both Cate and Ryan put themselves out on the market to go on a date.   When Cate gets a minute to go upstairs and confront Lux about why she is so mad, it ends up blowing up in her face. Lux goes on stage and tells the audience that Cate and Ryan are engaged to each other.

Lux can’t sleep for what she did. Baze tells her that she has to work things out with her mom. The next morning Lux goes to Cate’s station. Cate tells her that she is doing the best that she can and it doesn’t seem like it is good enough and Lux keeps pushing her away.  She tells Lux that she can take or leave it and it is up to her.

Her teacher/friend tells her that he left her a present and Baze is dropping her off. It is the bong lamp and the money that Baze borrowed. When Cate gets home she finds Lux sleeping upstairs in her room.

Life Unexpected
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Life Unexpected Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

(to Ryan and Cate) I wish you guys would wake up and realize you are perfect for each other.

Sales clerk

So if a guy is thirty and single he has standards and if a girl is thirty and single she has issues.