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Cate wakes up and starts to take down all the memorabilia of her and Ryan.  At work things between them are completely awkward and uncomfortable.  Her friend tells Cate to pretend that she and Ryan are still together – their audience can’t handle another emotional roller coaster in their relationship.

Lux has skipped school and Jones comes by to see how she is. While Jones is outside Baze strikes a deal with him. Baze will get Jones’ car repaired if he take Lux out on a date. Jones happily accepts.

Cate and Ryan have to host a bridal expo. When they get there, they share a moment when Cate is trying on dresses. The moment only lasts for a second when both Baze and Math get pulled into a competition on who knows Cate best.

Baze only enters because he feels Ryan is trying to step on his fatherly toes. During the competition, Ryan walks out and Cate follows.  Baze tells him that when he slept with Cate, he didn’t even know she had a fiancé. Both Baze and Ryan agree that the whole situation is Cate’s fault.

Meanwhile, Jones said that he would take Lux on a surprise date - when they get to their destination, it is to visit Tasha who recently moved three hours away. Lux is beyond thrilled.

On their way back home, Jones tells Lux the truth about why he originally asked her out – only because he really likes her and wants it to work between them.  Lux is beyond embarrassed and mad at Baze. When she gets back home, she basically tells Baze to butt out of her life and to not fix her up any more.
The next day, Ryan comes to Baze’s bar and admits that he was purposely trying to take time away from Baze’s father/daughter relationship with Lux. He also tells Baze that he is now in her life and isn’t just going to walk away. Baze buys Ryan a beer and then asks him to talk to Lux about the whole Jones situation. Ryan agrees to do so.

Ryan tells Lux that she should realize that Baze was just trying to help and get her out of her funk. He also pointed out that Jones must really like her to do what he did and then tell her the truth about the whole date.

Lux goes to Jones’ house and asks him to start over as friends.  Jones happily agrees.

Cate gets a surprise package - the wedding gown from the event - and collapses to the floor in a meltdown.

Life Unexpected
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Life Unexpected Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Bug is out of the picture - exterminated so to speak.


You okay little dude?


Life Unexpected Season 1 Episode 8 Music

  Song Artist
Song Bridges After the Sirens
Cant get it right today 1 Can't Get It Right Today Joe Purdy iTunes
Fall apart today Fall Apart Today Schuyler Fisk iTunes