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Baze starts talking to Bug about his feelings for Cate; while Lux is helping Cate find her grandmothers broach.  Lux finds a bunch of birthday cards from Cate’s father.

Cate confronts her mom about the cards. She finds out that he mother lied about her father to keep him away from them.  She can’t focus on her wedding so she decides to visit him in Tahoe.

Lux convinces both Baze and Cate to have Baze come on the road trip with her and Cate. 

Needless to say, the banter continues throughout the road trip. Baze ends up getting into a fender bender and they all have to sleep at a bed and breakfast.

That night, Lux ends up kicking Cate out of the bed.  Cate confesses that she wants what Baze and Lux have.

They wake up and get to her dads house. Cate tells her dad that she found the birthday cards that he mother kept from her. Her dad offers to cook dinner for the family and the firls go out to get groceries.

During dinner, Cate asks her father to come to Portland for dinner and he happily accepts.  Baze realizes that there is something off about her dad. Baze brings it up to Cate and tries to warn her about her father.

Baze ends up in a hurry to leave when he says good-bye to Lux. Lux admits to her father that the reason why she asked him to come in the first place was because his friends trashed the bar and Bug wanted the time to clean it up.

The next morning Cate and Lux are waiting around for her father to come pick them up. She calls him a bunch of times, but he doesn’t pick up. She gets a message from the front desk that her father called and said he can’t make it.

Cate and Lux take a cab to his house where Cate confronts her father about selling her out.  He tells her he never wanted to be a father.

Baze is standing there when she goes back to Lux. He never left. Onm the way back to Portland, they are able to get through it with each other and singing to classic 80s.

Cate apologizes to Baze about lashing out to him and asks him to always tell the truth.  Lux goes back to the bar with Baze.  Lux gets Baze to admit that he has feelings for Cate.

Cate ends up asking her mother to walk her down the isle.
That night, Lux tells Cate and Baze that she is ready to sign the legal adoption papers because she really loves both of them.

Life Unexpected
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Life Unexpected Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Cate: If they are in the past, you got to keep them that way.
Ryan: There are phones in Tahoe.

Awe its my old head gear - just looking at in brings back memories of loneliness and self hate.


Life Unexpected Season 1 Episode 12 Music

  Song Artist
Song The Chase Greg Holden iTunes
Nothings gonna stop us now Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now Starship iTunes
Wild wild west Wild, Wild West Escape Club iTunes