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Lux has settled in living with Cate and Ryan.  Baze picks her up to take her to school. O their way to the school they are listening to Cate on her morning radio show. Cate’s sister calls in and freaks out that Cate’s baby daddy in Nate Baze. He was her childhood crush.

When they get to school, Lux introduces Baze to her best friend Natasha. There is a bunch of noisy gang  kids outside causing trouble.

Cate is at work when she gets an email about a gang fight that broke out in Lux’s school. She automatically leaves the station to get Lux out of that school. She goes to her Alma Mater and they agree to let Lux enroll.

Meanwhile, Baze went home to his parent’s house so his mom could do his laundry. His dad comes in and tells them that he heard on the radio that Baze is a father. Baze lies to them saying Cate kept it a secret. Baze’s father tells him that he wants both Cate and Lux over for dinner that night – or else he will take away the bar since Baze is late in rent anyway. 

That afternoon, Baze coincidentally meets up with Cate in front of Lux’s new school. They both want her to go with them to dinner, but Lux has other plans in mind. Her boyfriend Bug also shows up to take her out. Reluctantly, Lux leaves with Cate.

Both Bug and Nate follow them back to Cate’s house. Bug goes upstairs with Lux to her room. Nate begs Cate to reconsider and Ryan also makes it clear to Cate that she should go. As unwillingly as she is, Cate accepts.

Once the three of them get to Baze’s parents house, they are surprised to see Cate’s mom and sister were also invited. Things get a little crazy at dinner when both parent’s start yelling at Cate and Nate. Lux asks to be excused.  

Nate tells his father off and they both hear a motorcycle in the distance. They realize that Lux left with Bug. On the way home, Cate tells Baze to screw them all. He agrees and tells Cate maybe the reason why Lux is so mad is because those kids are her family too. Cate realizes it was a bad judgment call to move Lux out of her old school.

The next day, Lux gathers all her saved up income and even sells her beloved bong light that Baze gave her. She does this to collect rent money that she knows Baze needed to give to his father.

Lux then goes and delivers it with a message to him that parents are suppose to support their children's actions no matter what.

Later that day, Baze’s father goes to the bar to talk to Baze. He tells him that he supports him and is happy to see hat Baze got the money together. Before he leaves he tells Baze that he has a great kid and that she is welcome over anytime.

Back at Cate’s house, Lux and Cate have a heart to heart. She promises to include everyone before making a decision and Lux points out that this is kind of like a family. She also apologizes for not giving her friends a chance and Lux invites her and Baze to meet them.

The episode ends with all of them on top of Bug’s apartment having a cookout. Looks like the beginning to a beautiful family.

Life Unexpected
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Life Unexpected Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

One lucky person gets to call you mom.


Baze: Coffee three sugars.
Lux: Blueberry waffle slightly toasted.