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The girls at Lux’s school still hate her, except for this one guy at school named Jones.  Baze tells Lux that if she gets in good with Jones, the other people at school will open up too.

Lux gets home around midnight and Cate is sitting waiting up for her. Lux never called to tell her what time she would be home and Cate starts to get on her case for it.

The morning show turned from two fun single people to now a relationship/parental talk show. Cate is not winning over listeners with the new her. Her best friend at the talk show wants her to be the fun zany drunk girl she once was.  Cate agrees to be that girl for a girls night out.

The next day at school Lux offers Baze’s loft for Jones’ birthday party.  He greatly accepts. Lux checks in with Baze and he is totally cool with her having some people over.

That night, when Lux is getting ready, Bug and Tasha stop by to pick her up for her surprise outing. Instead of telling them the truth, she lies and says that she isn’t feeling well and is staying in.

When her school friends arrive at Baze’s pad, they ask Lux where the alcohol is. Apparently they thought she offered to have the party there because her dad owns the bar. Lux decides to lie to Baze and steal a keg from his storage for the party.

Cate and her friend show up for their big night out at Baze’s bar because Cate wanted to check in on Lux’s party.  When she gets upstairs, she tries to be a cool mom and not do anything about the underage drinking. Lux sees her and tells her to leave.

Tasha and Bug show up unexpectedly to bring Lux some chicken soup and a movie. When they get there, they realize she lied so that they wouldn’t go to the party. The party gets out of control and Baze breaks it up and sends everyone home. Baze was so livid with Lux; he calls her stupid just like his old man used to do to him.

Outside Baze’s bar Bug tells the kids from school that they can move the party to the old movie theater.  He offers to drive Jones’ car and ends up hijacking it for a spin with Lux. Obviously, Lux doesn’t approve and wants to go back.

Cate, Baze, and Tasha chase after them, while Jones calls the cops and reports that his car was just stolen. The cops pull Lux and Bug over and arrest him. Cate and Baze try to fix the situation, but also end up getting arrested for touching the cop.

At the station, Lux and Tasha make up and try desperately to call someone for bail.  Ryan doesn’t answer and since they are left with no one else, Lux calls her grandfather. After bailing them out, Baze tries to offer an olive branch (a beer), but his dad says that he can’t and leaves.

Ryan comes to pick up his girls and take them home. He gets there just as Cate and Baze are having a moment. After all is said and done, Baze’s dad comes back and accepts the beer. They sit down together and actually have a bonding moment.

Life Unexpected
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Life Unexpected Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

No more eating competitions - I feel like I have a food baby.


Stick that in your looser pipes and smoke it.