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Ryan believes that he is trying to have a baby with Cate, but she’s taking pills.  

That morning Baze comes to pick the girls up and take them to school. Cate gives them tickets to a concert and her mom stops by with a basket of baby trying necessities. Baze is dumbfounded when he hears the news.

Lux, Baze, and Tasha all make a deal to bring someone to the concert. Lux asks Eric, but he tells her that he already has a date.

Cate confides in her mom that she’s still on the pill.

Baze asks the copy girl, Suzie, out on a date to the concert when his boss, Emma, tells him that she will go to it to get more clients.

At the concert, Lux sluts it up for Eric even though she brought Jones. When she finds him, to their surprise he’s on a date with Paige.

Baze is trying to get him and Emma backstage and they get thrown in concert jail. They end up bonding over life stories and actually have a good time.

While Cate isn’t looking, Ryan finds out that Cate is still taking the pill. She tells him about all her insecurities about having a child.  

Cate and her mom have a blow out and Cate realizes that she may not be that different from her mom.

Later that night, she apologizes to Ryan, Lux, and Baze. Everyone takes it surprisingly well. Baze even told her he’s ready to move on and finally feels that spark again with someone else. Cate isn’t that thrilled to hear that.

Life Unexpected
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Life Unexpected Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Tasha: Is this edible underwear?
Cate: Bye.

I can get used to this trying for a baby thing. Want to try again?