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Tasha gets called in for assault. Lux tells the cops that she stole the car and drove it to Valerie’s.  When Tasha gets out the DA tells them that Trey may put a statement in.

Cate and Ryan talk plans about what will happen next. She tells him that he can back out.

Lux doesn’t want Tasha to tell the cops about Trey hitting her.  Lux meets with Eric, but doesn’t tell him about what happened. When Lux gets home, Trey put a statement into the cops.

Lux comes clean, but is almost reluctant to say anything. The lawyer tells them that Tasha’s actions must be justified.

Lux meets with Trey and puts in a bargain. She won’t testify as long as he doesn’t testify. She thinks this will fix things, but Tasha doesn’t think this will definitely keep her out of jail.

Cate and Ryan put it together that Lux is for some reason lying about what happened. That night, Cate tells Tasha that Lux is now saying Trey never hit her. Tasha tells Lux that she needs Lux to tell the truth.

At the hearing, Lux is telling the audience that Tasha was protecting her.  They take a break and Eric meets with Lux. He tells her that it’s okay to tell the truth for her sake and Tasha’s.

Lux goes back in and tells the court that Trey forced himself upon her. Before you know it Baze and his father are beating on Trey.

Lux later tells Cate that the worst thing about it all is that Valerie didn’t stand up for her and stayed with Trey.  Cate meets with Valerie and gets her to agree with Lux’s statement and the court drops the charges on Tasha.

Everyone gets together at Baze’s to celebrate the hearing and Lux overhears her grandfather talking to Emma about their secret affair.

Life Unexpected
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Life Unexpected Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Cate: You don't have to be St. Ryan. You can still back out.
Ryan: I am not a Saint.

Most girls in junior high have their first kiss playing spin the bottle, mine was with him.