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Kelly will not get along with Cate because of everything that went down last week and is making Cate’s producing job very difficult.

Lux is getting tutored by her crush/teacher Eric. He tries to figure out why she’s so bad with school when Tasha walks in and tell her that she’s back for good.

Lux has practice for her first game and Baze really wants her team to win.  Tasha sits in on practice and Baze realizes what an amazing player she is and gets her to join the team.

When Lux walks Tasha home she realizes that she doesn’t want her there because something bad happened.  Lux asks Cate when she’s drunk if Tasha could live with them if she was in a jam and Cate said yes.

The next day, Lux goes to visit Tasha and gets her kicked out because she knew Cate would take her in.

Cate and Kelly end up going to the bar and getting hammered.  Cate admits to Kelly that maybe her and Ryan don’t agree on major things like having kids.

Kelly tells Ryan on air that Cate told her that she never wants kids. When they get home Ryan goes off on Cate for making life changing decisions. He doesn’t understand why they are together if she doesn’t want kids.

Math really likes Paige and ends up asking her out. Math thinks that the date went really well, but Paige thinks it was horrendous.

At the game, Cate talks to Ryan and tells him that she does want kids, she’s just been scared.  Baze tries to be nice to Math and tell him that he wants to be with Paige, but it backfires. Math thinks that Baze is just jealous, which makes Baze feel the need to tell him the truth. Math runs out of the game upset.

Baze makes a motivational speech and the group go out and play it as hard as they can. They end up losing, but still have a great time.

The social worker comes to the house and tells Tasha that Cate and Ryan agree to sponsor Tasha so that she could live alone.  The social worker also gives Lux a letter from the woman Tasha was living with.  That night, Lux reads it, freaks out and rips it up.

Cate agrees to get off her pill to start making a baby with Ryan. When he goes to the bathroom, she sneaks and takes a pill.

Life Unexpected
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Life Unexpected Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Sup roomies.


Let's have realistic expectations.


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