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On this week’s episode of Lights Out:

- After Pops Leary retires from training, Patrick finds “Death Row” Reynolds old trainer, Ed Romeo.

- Ed’s methods are a little unconventional and different than Pops’ original training, but he has his entire heart and focus on Patrick.

- Unfortunately, this causes a rift in the family as Ed attempts to separate Patrick from Pops, Johnny, and Margaret. They try to retake the job, but Patrick declines.

- “Death Row” seeks out Patrick to warn him about Ed’s crazy ways. Ed reveals he cut himself after Reynolds fired him. Ed’s dedication is effective, but extreme.

- Meanwhile, Ava is trying to be her own person, while Theresa attempts to focus Ava’s future.

Lights Out
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Lights Out Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

And they call me a diva.


I don't think you're capable of fighting at this level anymore. Now, I know it hurts to hear that, but it's going to hurt a hell of a lot worse in the ring.