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On the series premiere of Lights Out...

- Patrick “Lights” Leary looses a fight and is beat up badly. His wife tells him to quit fighting or their relationship is over.

- Five years later, Patrick takes care of the kids, works for the family gym, and other small jobs, while his wife works to become a doctor.

- Patrick goes to see his brother at their gym and learns that he is in a financial crisis.

- His brother offers Patrick a job for the shady Hal Brennan to get some money for a guy, but he declines.

- Patrick works at a bingo place. His fame isn’t wasn’t what it used to be.

- His wife gets her residency at St. Lucy’s. Now she can contribute financially.

- Cindy, his brother’s ex wife calls in IRS and she wants custody of his kid.

- Patrick’s father is focused on boxing instead of the family problems. He tells his father he’s broke.

- Johnny brings back up the offer again with but Patrick immediately declines again.

- Patrick goes to the doctors and learns he has pugilistic dementia.

- After Patrick talks to his daughter about his last fight, he calls his brother about the job and says he’ll do it.

- Patrick shows up at the dentist’s house and tells him to pay up.

- Patrick walks away from some guys in a bar who challenge him to a fight.

- During his conversation with his younger daughter, it’s revealed that he beat up the guy at the bar and broke the dentist’s arm.

- Reynolds challenges Leary to another fight because Leary keeps claiming he won. Johnny sets up a new challenge for 10 million dollars to fight Reynolds again.

- Lights teaches Johnny’s son to box.

Lights Out
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Lights Out Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Patrick: I don't like your tone.
Man: What are you gonna do? Beat me up?

Please, Patrick, I love you too much to watch you die. Either you stop or we stop.