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On this episode of Limitless…

Brian gets top secret clearance as he is invited to work on the Zhang case.

That case involves spying and drone schematics as Rebecca and Boyle attempt to get their suspect.

Mr. Sands demands Brian steal the NZT files from Naz.

Brian does, but he at first attempts to give over fake files. Mr. Sands figures it out and tells Brian no more playing around.

Brian’s father gets sick and Brian could get sick if he doesn’t get another booster.

Before handing over the files, Brian reads them, and learns a bit about Rebecca’s father.

Rebecca learns her father had some new artworks completed. She visits the gallery and discovers a painting of herself.

Brian and Rebecca also work a case involving an “immortal mouse.”

Arthur is framed for the murder of a former colleague as it turns out the lawyer involved in inheritance was behind the murder.

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Limitless Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

If my dad was gone and I learned there was something out there that he had made, I don’t think I could ignore it.


I need to know you're taking this seriously, and that T-shirt isn't helping.