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On this episode of Limitless…

Brian tells Rebecca about the file and her father.

Rather than turn him in, she decides to work with him to find out some more about NZT.

Brian starts to get side effects from taking NZT.

Mr. Sands refuses to give Brian a booster shot until he frames Rebecca to get rid of her.

Brian refuses and attempts to find someone else who can give him the shot.

He discovers that someone was running tests and there were a select group of NZT users.

Turns out the doctor was alive but just in hiding. He didn’t invent NZT, but he was trying to use it to help others, until someone started killing people and clamping down on NZT use.

Brian seems near death, but he eventually meets up with Eddie. Brian gets the shot.

Eddie says he wants to team up with Brian and that he was just testing him. He reveals a plan involving rice.

Eddie also gives Brian some NZT pills as a gesture.

Rebecca spends time playing simulations for the FBI after she is picked by Naz.

Naz reveals she was going to show Rebecca the file but that it just takes time.

Mr. Sands delivers a package to the doctor. His house explodes.

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Limitless Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Rebecca, when the director of the FBI wants to meet you, you meet the director.


You keep going on like this, Brian Finch is going away and he's never coming back.