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On this episode of Limitless…

Brian runs into his ex, Shauna, while on NZT.

Brian begins working on a case involving a murder, a hitman named Le Sabre and the mystery of Marcos Ramos.

Brian asks Shauna out and the date doesn’t go so well. He worries she only likes him on NZT, but Rebecca tells him there’s only Brian and she should like him for him.

Turns out a bunch of dirty cops are behind the murder and Marcos’ death. Rebecca and Boyle capture them with Brian’s help.

Brian uses his skills to save Shauna’s building from being torn down.

Mr. Sands, who works for Eddie, tells Brian that he has work for him to do and if he doesn’t he can get to anyone he cares about.

Brian breaks up with Shauna again.

Rebecca has a beer with Brian as the two talk about Brian’s breakup and dealing with his newfound skills.

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Limitless Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

That's your breakthrough? The sniper was tall?


If you ever do bump into the one that got away, I highly recommend doing it while you’re on NZT.