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"Bombay Highway" continues from last episode with Nico talking to Hector and his lawyer about the sexual harassment case.  Turns out it's no big deal and the company has a slush fund set up to take care of these things.  Wendy then screens her latest movie, her passion project, to Nico and Victory.  Nico decides to come clean to them about Kirby.  They move the conversation to drinks.  Afterwards, Wendy and Victory send Nico off in the first cab so they can talk about her behind her back.  Why did she do it?  Wendy heads home and finds Shane doing laundry.  They do it.

Joe then heads over to Victory's and they make up.  Phew.  At work, Wendy and Sal discuss the premiere party for Bombay Highway.  They do not see eye to eye.  Nico then meets with Hector and finds out Kirby did not take the settlement.  Wendy then heads home and has eclectic takeout with her family while they watch the star of Bombay Highway, Chloe, do an interview.  She doesn't know who she's wearing on the red carpet yet?  Enter Victory Ford!

Nico then meets with the lawyer on the case who says there's a witness who saw Kirby follow Nico into the bathroom at the party.  They could nail him as a sexual predator.  Nico, very much hesitant to do this calls Kirby and hangs up when he answers.  Victory and Roy are off picking up fabric for Chloe's dress when they run into an old critic, Lana.  Roy decides to make Victory confront her and tell her about Chloe.  Wendy and Nico meet in the elevator and Wendy encourages her to sign the statement and save her marriage.  Kirby smirgy.

Nico decides to visit Charles by his campus for some quick lunch.  While there, a female student, Megan, stops by who Charles seems a little too nice to.  She owes him a paper much like Nico did as a student.  Hmm.  Then Charles gets up and some male student is also very friendly with him.  Okay, things seem cool and she signs the paper.  Goodbye Kirby, hello Charles!  Joe stops by Victory's and throws his coat rudely at Roy (very funny) and then calls the dress cute.  Makes Victory flip!  She's redesigning the whole thing.

Nico runs into Mike Harness in the hallway and he makes a snide remark about her liking the young ones.  She suspects someone leaked the story.  Sal and Wendy discuss the premiere party more.  Boring.  Nico goes to Hector and the lawyer to find out if they leaked.  Nope.  Next theory?  Wendy visits Victory and is underwhelmed by the dress.  The two discuss Nico's situation more.

Nico goes to visit Kirby tending bar and she finds out Kirby thinks she's done this to other guys.  Nico finally realizes Mike has been involved.  Meanwhile, Chloe shows up to Victory's to try on the dress.  Only we find out Chloe has broken up with her boyfriend and Victory convinces her to still go to the premier even though he'll be there (mostly to show off her dress).

Wendy then meets up with Josh to discuss premiere party.  When she hears about Chloe she wants the limo to drop her off at the side entrance to avoid red carpet.  Wendy then stops by Nico's office to find her drowning herself in some wine.  Nico tells her she wants to be the one to tell her about Charles before he hears it from someone else.

Wendy calls Victory who assures Wendy her requested changes to the dress were made.  Victory makes Chloe call her ex and the phone call didn't go well.  She's in tears and hitting Victory's liquor cabinet hard.  Nico and Charles are getting ready for the party when the student Megan calls and leaves a message on their personal phone number.  Victory begs Wendy to let Chloe still walk the red carpet despite her drunkenness.

Nico and Charles are having a drink at the premiere party when Hector pulls Nico aside to tell her Kirby dropped the suit.  Charles leaves the party early and convinces Nico to stay.  Wendy hears Chloe is in her limo and ready to walk the red carpet.  Wendy heads out to stop her and gets into a huge fight with Victory in the limo.  However, when Chloe gets a glimpse of her ex-boyfriend with a new woman, she goes nuts and drunk drives the limo.

After being arrested for a DUI, Wendy goes with Chloe to the station.  Chloe gets her mug shot taken.  Wendy calls the the right people and realizes this whole thing will be a good PR stunt.  Wendy sends Chloe out the front door in Victory's dress and she gets photographed by paparazzi and tells them she's wearing Victory Ford.

Wendy and Shane are at home when Victory texts Wendy thanking her for the publicity.  Nico goes to see Kirby and finds out why he dropped the suit.  It's because he wants her and the two walk off hand-in-hand.

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It's good Wendy. It's sweeping. It's touching. You have a big hit on your hands. I'm sleeping with a 25 year old!


I get it, I offend 60 people in one time zone before I'm awake in another people like us are easy target ... if need be, we'll tap into a slush fund we have set up for this sort of thing


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Song Get What I Want Bitter:Sweet
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