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"Pink Poison" begins with Charles waking up Nico... to read an article about Wendy entitled "Tsunami for Bad Mommy!".  Nico looks for a little love from Charles but gets rejected... he's already showered.  Douche.  Wendy and family are having breakfast.  Everyone is reading the article and Maddy is arguing she needs a cell phone.  Victory heads back home from another late night with Joe and her new assistant interviewee, Roy, is already waiting.

Nico, her photographer, Patty, and Kirby are all ont he rooftop for the Prince Will photo shoot.  Whoops, Kirby forgot something and has to go get it.  Wendy arrives at her office.  Sweet Josh crumbles up the article and throws it out in front of her.  Thanks.  Apparently one of child actors wants to take on more adult roles.  Back to Roy and Victory.  Roy comes from a family of money but wants to work for Victory because he wants to make it on her own and she's such a good designer.  He has a power struggle with Joe and his assistant on the phone and Victory hires him on the spot.

Apparently Nico manages to find the missing Kirby because they're getting it on in front of a window where she sees Hector and Mark!  Mark sees Kirby exit the booty session and smirks.  The girls go to look at shoes for Maddie.  They want to meet Joe... they all agree to a dinner party at Nico's tomorrow night.  Nico gets a text from Kirby and still doesn't tell the girls!!

Nico comes back to her office to see Kirby waiting for her.  She wants to keep it professional, he does not.  Victory and Joe talk about the upcoming dinner party.  Joe is willing to go if Victory will meet his friends... first.  Nico calls up Patty and tries to get Kirby off the next job.

Turns out Joe is taking Victory to meet his friends... in Paris.  Wendy and Maddie arrive at the luncheon and at their table is Wendy's chuld actorAbby and her mother / agent.  Oh and did we mention Janice Lasher!?  Wendy and Maddie have a fight about the lack of a cell phone in front of none other than Janice.  Great job.

Kirby shows up to Nico's job the next day.  She cuts him a check!!  That's right, she just paid for sex. Mike sees Kirby on his way out, tearing up the check, and follows him into the elevator and introduces himself.  Uh oh.  At Wendy's office, Abby and her mother come in.  They're showing fake boobies they're considering giving Abby.  Meanwhile, Abby has a script she's much more interested that's much more age appropriate.  Wendy sends her off to to meet with the director and she talks with the mom.  Abby needs a mother more than a manager now.  If only someone told that to Brooke Shields' mother.

Joe and Victory arrive in Paris and go to a secret studio of Coco Chanel's and, of course, they make love there.  Back at the luncheon, Nico gives Wendy and intro speech and Maddie realizes she's there for a PR stint and bolts off.  Wendy, after her speech, chases after Wendy and runs into Janice.  While Janice is in the bathroom she writes "BITCH" in red lipstick on the back of her white coat.

Joe and Victory are enjoying some bread and wine.  Did Joe do all this just to avoid the dinner party?  And hey, Joe has no friends?  Back to Wendy and Shane... Shane's a little turned on by his wife's actions... they get it on!

At the dinner party, Charles, Nico, Shane, and Wendy are all there waiting on Joe and Victory who eventually arrive.  Joe comes in and pulls Nico aside and sets his conditions.  Very funny.  Guess who else shows up?  Kirby.  He confronts Nico.  He's been fired.  Joe and Victory have a weird conversation on the limo ride home.  Joe proves he's even weirder when he thinks he's done after meeting her friends once.  Victory leaves crying.

The next day, Kirby is in Nico's office.  Nico cuts him a check for his troubles (and the sex??), and Kirby leaves and tears it up.  Mike sees all this and follows Kirby into the elevator and introduces himself.  Uh oh.  At Wendy's office, Abby and her mom are in the office with a bunch of silicon asking for fake booby advice.  Meanwhile, Abby is reading a much more age appropriate script she's interested in.  Wendy sends her to go meet with the director and talks with her mom.  She needs a mom more than a manager.  If only someone told Brooke Shields' mother that.

Nico goes to visit Janice Lasher and end things once and for all.  She hires Janice's assistant and tells Janice she has plenty of good stories to run in her magazine if she doesn't make this Wendy thing disappear.  Go Nico!!  Joe shows up to Victory's.  He explains himself... after a long day he doesn't want to make small talk  All he wants is to be with Victory.  Wendy comes home to her daughter who's reading the book (she found it in the trash).  Wendy apologizes for taking her to the luncheon. Maddie apologizes for storming off.  Very Full House.

Nico is sitting down with Hector.  He asks who Kirby Atwood is.  Apparently there's a sexual harassment suit.  End of episode.

Lipstick Jungle
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Lipstick Jungle Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Victory: You're early
Roy: I like to get in at least half an hour before my boss
Victory: Well that might be tricky since I live here

You can't pick and choose when you want to be the good mother. It's really phony.