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"Take the High Road" starts with Victory on the phone with Joe, who's out of town, and the two are trying to enjoy some phone sex in the middle of Victory's now extremely busy house in a post-investment company.  Meanwhile, Wendy and Shane have a brief moment at breakfast when we find both are now busy with work, Wendy has to head into the office, and Shane has a score to write!  Nico swings by Victory's and questions her new investor.  Victory tries to switch the conversation instead to Nico... why is she looking so radiant these days?  The Hollywod Cookie Diet?  Wendy joins the two and lets them know she heard a big scoop on a prequel to Harry Potter from one of the mother's at Taylor's school.  Wendy requests the two don't tell anyone until she figures out how to approach Hector.

In the next scene, Nico is having a meeting with Hector and Mike, and struggling for power, tells the two about the Harry Potter sequel.  Meanwhile, Victory is meeting with her investor who gives her permission to buy anything she neds, including a two year lease.  Wendy heads to Hector's office, and before she can say anything, Hector congratulates her on the Potter deal.  Wendy grabs Nico and they walk outside for pretzels... Hector wants the two of them to fly to Scotland and lock the deal up.  Wendy, now struggling with time for the children with Shane's new job, says she can't go.  Nico heads over to Kirby's and thinking she'll have to do the trip alone, invites him.  Wendy heads home and discusses the trip with Shane.. he convinces her to go.

Wendy comes aboard the corporate jet, surprising Nico, who acts very distant on the flight.  Back in the States, Joe takes Victory to an art auction to show her a painting he plans on buying and Joe reassures Victory about her investor being sound.  Back int he skies, Wendy keeps trying to talk to Nico to no avail.  At the auction, Victory tells Joe she can't work where she sleeps... well why doesn't she move in with him?

Now on the ground in Scotland, Wendy asks Nico to get some drinks but Nico has to head upstairs first.  In New York, Victory arrives at Joe's and is greeted by his assistant who shows her her renovated wing which includes her own closet and bedroom.  Back in Scotland, Wendy is waiting for Nico at the bar when she runs into Kirby (who she still doesn't know), who's waiting for Nico.  When Nico arrives the two realize they were waiting for the same beautiful woman.  Wendy asks if this is why she was so weird on the plane and is quite frankly shocked to see Nico is still seeing him.

Back in New York, Joe comes to Victory's side of the house.  He makes it clear it'll be easier for them to see each other in the new arrangement, but he still wants them to have separate rooms.  Victory seems to convince Joe to be a little more spontaneous... at least for the night.  In Scotland, Nico, Kirby, and Wendy are at the bar.  Kirby tries to talk to Wendy but she isn't very responsive and storms off.  Realizing the he's the cause of the problems, Kirby suggests he heads back to NYC.  Wendy is on a historical tour of the city when she takes a break from her smart ass comments to call Shane.  Victory heads into her office and meets with her investor again.  This time she throws out completely outlandish requests such as starting a sheep farm.. he agrees to them.

Nico heads into Wendy's room to tell her their meeting with Rowling has been cancelled and wants Wendy to head to Rowling's kid's school and pitch her there. Wendy is offended by the suggestion and takes a moral high ground and then confronts Nico on the adultery as she's Charles' friend too.  The two get into a heated debate and at one point Wendy tells Nico it's a good thing she's not a mother and Nico leaves.  On the plane flgiht home things are very tense and the two sit on opposite ends of the jet.

Back in New York, as Victory and Joe get ready for the art auction, Joe takes Victory into his ballroom and they dance with just a piano player and singer.  Nico arrives in New York to find Kirby waiting outside her apartment when he asks her out to dinner which she reluctantly agrees to.  Back at her home, Wendy is greeted by Shane who tells her he booked another film while she was away.  At the auction, Joe buys the painting for 50 million dollars over his nemesis.  Convinced the nemesis is secretly behind her investment, she tells Joe, who admits it was him.  She leaves.

Joe tries to explain why he bought her company, but she just wants him to sell it.  She won't have the man she's with owning her.  Joe leaves.  Wendy fills Shane in on some of the details of the trip such as losing the deal.  Nico comes into her office to find a picture taken in Scotland by Nico and a note that says "Love, your friend K."  Nico and Wendy then run into each other on the street and despite Wendy's awkward attempt at an apology, the two leave things unsettled.

Lipstick Jungle
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Lipstick Jungle Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Your radiant and it's bugging me. Is it the Hollywood Cookie Diet?


Oh, phone sex with Joe Bennett. What's that like? Ooh, the NASDAQ is up 36 points.