Mia on the Run - Little Fires Everywhere Season 1 Episode 5
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Elena and her college boyfriend Jamie break up when he tells her he wants to focus on his career.

Isabelle finds an old photo of Mia in the New York Times. Elena forbids Isabelle from going back to Mia's house.

Lexie takes a pregnancy test and its positive. Isabelle hears her throwing up and asks if she's bulimic. 

Bebe gets to visit her baby for one hour. Linda realizes Mia and Bebe are friends.

Elena takes a trip to New York to learn more about Mia's past, but ends up visiting to the New York Times to see her ex-boyfriend. He agrees to help her get information about Mia. 

Lexie goes to the abortion clinic alone. She asks Pearl to meet her there. Lexie uses Pearl's name to fill out her abortion paperwork, upsetting Pearl. Lexie asks Pearl if she can go home with her because she has no place else to go.

Pearl tells Mia that she lost her virginity to Trip, and asks questions about her dad. Mia tells Pearl that her dad wasn't interested in being a parent.

Trip and Mia meet up to talk. Trip apologizes for leaving abruptly after they hooked up. 

Mia tells Lexie that she is selfish and that she has nothing left to give her. 

Elena admits to Jamie that she wanted to see him, and to see if he's happy. She asks Jamie if she wants to come back to her hotel, and Jamie tells her it's not his job to make her life bearable. Elena ignores all of her huband's phone calls. 

Mia has nightmares about Pearl's dad. She admits to Anita that she's not ready to tell Pearl the truth about her past.

Elena visits Mia's parents in New York, who tell Elena that the baby Mia carried was not hers.


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Little Fires Everywhere Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

You seem very angry. Is it because she might be helping Bebe? Or is it that she’s in the New York Times, and you’ll never be?


Sex is rarely simple. Even when you want it to be.