Pearl at School - Little Fires Everywhere Season 1 Episode 8
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A flashback of the Richardson kids shows that Isabelle and her mother have always had a rough relationship. 

Lexie tells her mother that Brian broke up with her. Elena says that she will find someone who is a better fit fot her when she gets to college. 

Mia tries to apologize to Pearl for lying to her about her father. 

Linda is cross-examined at the trial. Linda reveals that she is not familiar with Chinese culture, and that she oringally wanted a white baby. 

Elena buys lots of flour to make a new painting. 

Isabelle's father yells at for her trying to throw away her clothes, and tells her she has no idea what real problems are. 

Pearl goes through Mia's art room and finds Elean's posessions and articles about the history of Shaker Heights. 

Pearl asks her mother to call her father. Mia tries to call but can't go through with it. 

Elena goes to the abortion clinic to see if Bebe considered having a baby, but finds a file with Pearl's name on it. She assumes Pearl had an abortion. 

Moody confronts Pearl and Trip about their secret affair. Moody and Trip get into a fight.

Linda wins custody of baby Mei Ling. Isabelle realizes that Lexie had an abortion. 

Mia and Isabelle comfort Mei Ling after finding out she lost her baby. 

Bill confronts Elena about her secret meetups with her ex boyfriend. Elena goes to Mia to tell her that Pearl had an abortion. 

Mia tells Elena that it was Lexie who had the abotion, not Pearl. 

Mia finally tells Pearl the truth about her past. Mia admits that she doesn't know if she did the right thing by keeping Pearl. 

Pearl assures Mia that she will always be her mother. Mia asks Pearl where she wants to go.

Izzy has a break down when she finds out Mia and Pearl have left. Isabelle attempts to burn her clothes down. Elena reveals to Isabelle that she never wanted her.

Moody begs Isaeblle not to leave. Lexie admits she's not perfect. The Richardson children burn down their house. 

Elena take the blame for burning down her house. 

Isabelle finds someone to hitchhike with. 

Pearl and Mia go to Mia's parent's house. Pearl asks her mother to read a vulnerable peice of her poetry. Pearl's poem makes Mia emotional. 





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Little Fires Everywhere Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

There’s no pain like the loss of a child.


When she’s afraid, she reaches for me. She didn’t come from my body, and I’m sad about that. But that doesn’t make me any less of a mother.