Elena in the Bathroom - Little Fires Everywhere Season 1 Episode 7
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A flashback of Isabelle shows her playing spin the bottle with her friends. Her best friend April outs her as gay and accuses Isabelle of molesting her after a consensual makeout session between the two of them. 

Mr. Richardson prepares to represent Linda at trial. Elena pressures him to tell the truth about how Mia kidnapped Pearl.

The trial between Linda and Bebe begins. Bebe is questioned on the stand, 

Elena confronts Mia in the bathroom and tells her she knows the truth about Pearl. She tries to intimidate Mia to keep her from testifying as a character witness. 

Moody finds out that Pearl's been lying to her about where she's going after school. Pearl and Tripp continue to sneak around together. Tripp tells Pearl that Mia has half a million dollars in the bank. 

Lexie finds out that she got into Yale. The Richardson's celebrate her acceptance at dinner. 

Mia tries to get out of testifying at Bebe's trial. Bebe begs her to testify. 

Elena forces her family to take another family photo. Isabelle refuses to wear the shoes Elena picked out for her. Elena yells at Isabelle and makes her put on the shoes for the picture.

Pearl gets angry when she finds out her mother has been lying to her about how much money they have. 

Elena reveals to her husband that she tried to get Mia not to testify. He gets angry and tells her that she ruined the element of surprise.

Isabelle and April have a heart to heart. April apologizes for how she treated Isabelle. Isabelle protests the Mei Ling case at school by selling baby dolls and gets suspended for the day. April still bullies Isabelle in public.

Bill has an inkling that Elena has been sneaking around with someone. Mia is cross-examined on the stand during the trial. Bill decides not to question Mia about Pearl's father on the stand. 

Moody confronts Pearl about lying to him about what she's being after school, but Pearl maintains her lie. 

Elena picks Isabelle up from school after she's suspended for the day. Elena admits to Isabelle that it is hard to be her mother. 

Lexie and Brian argue about Lexie's bigoted tendencies when Lexie is rude to a black fast-food worker. Lexie and Brian break up.

Pearl realizes she doesn't want to be a liar like her mom and tells Tripp that they need to tell Moody the truth. 

Isabelle runs away to Elena's house. Elena reveals to Isabelle that she fell in love with a woman.

Pearl visits the Richardson house with Tripp. Elena tells Pearl the truth about who her dad is. Tripp decides not to tell Moody the truth about him and Pearl. 

Lexie and Isabelle have a heart to heart moment about how they were both dumped. 

Pearl comes home to collect her things after she finds out what her mother has done. 




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Little Fires Everywhere Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

I think hard work and sacrifice is a hardship as well.


Bill: Linda is not going to lose her baby.
Elena: Why do you say that?
Bill: Because people like Bebe Chow don't win.