Saving Time - Loki Season 1 Episode 6
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Past The Void and Alioth, Loki and Sylvie find a castle. The doors open and they walk in. Miss Minutes appears and welcomes them to The Citadel at the End of Time.

She tells them that "He Who Remains," AKA the one who created the TVA, wants to offer them a deal. They can be inserted back into the timeline together and the TVA can continue doing its work.

They turn the deal down and Miss Minutes disappears.

Back at the TVA, Miss Minutes downloads files for Ravonna that He asked her to.

Loki and Sylvie find "He Who Remains" in the castle. Sylvie tries to kill him, but she can't because of his TemPad.

Mobius returns to the TVA and releases Hunter B-15. She travels to Fremont, Ohio in 2018 where Ravonna used to be a principal at a high school.

There, Minutemen follow her, and Hunter B-15 convinces them that they are all Variants.

"He Who Remains" explains to Loki and Sylvie that they can't kill him because he already knows what's going to happen. He paved the road that got them there.

Mobius tries to prune Ravonna, but she leaves the TVA to find free will.

"He Who Remains" tells Loki and Sylvie that a Variant of himself discovered the existence of multiple timelines. Soon, all-out war erupted as variants of himself sought to conquer all land.

He discovered Alioth and weaponized the creature to end the Multiversal War. He isolated the Sacred Timeline and created the TVA.

He offers Loki and Sylvie his role and wants to let them take over the TVA. Or they can kill him and let another Multiversal War occur.

He now doesn't know what is going to happen next. The Timeline starts to branch.

Sylvie tries to kill him, but Loki stops her. They fight. Loki convinces her to stop and she kisses him. She uses a TemPad to send Loki to the TVA.

Sylvie kills "He Who Remains."

The Timeline branches out of control.

Loki finds Mobius and Hunter B-15 and warns them that multiple versions of "He Who Remains" are coming to start another Multiversal War. Neither of them knows who Loki is. 

A statue of "He Who Remains" is now in the middle of the TVA.

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Loki Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Loki: Both of us...together on the Timeline.
Miss Minutes: It's crazy, but he could make it work. All of it. Everything. Exactly the way you've always wanted. And you can have it all, together.
Sylvie: It's fiction.
Loki: We write our own destiny now.

Sylvie: Well, if you think it's a bad idea, I'd prefer you to speak your mind.
Loki: No. Nothing to say.
Sylvie: That would be a first.