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On the premiere of Lonestar...

The show’s opening scene is a man and his son sneaking out of a window while someone is banging on the door. This is our first glimpse into the world of conning.

Meet Bob/Robert Allen. Our main character is a con-man running jobs in Texas. He leads a double life, one with his Midland girlfriend, Lindsay and the other wife his wife Cat in Houston. He works in the oil industry conning investors.

Bob’s life with Lindsey is simple. He enjoys this life having bbq’s and acting like a normal working man. His life with Cat is different. Her father, Clint, is an oil tycoon. He run’s a business that both Cat’s brothers (Drew and Trammell) work at, and where he offers Bob an office.

Bob’s father, John, works with him in the con business. John has been doing it since Bob was a child, hence the opening scene of the hour.

Bob travels back and forth between his two lives, meeting people along the way. He is recognized by a passenger from one of his flights who invites him to her hotel room. He passes on the opportunity, telling her he can give two reasons why it’s not worth it.

Bob decides to take the position working with Cat’s family at her fathers business. He is getting frustrated with the conning and tells his father that he wants out. He says he wants to do the job for real and believes that he can do well at it.  John explains to him the he is a con-man, this is not his real life and he needs to remember that.

Deciding to take the job at Clint’s company, Bob ruffles some feathers with Cat’s brother Trammell. Tram and Drew speak about the situation and Tram says he will take care of the situation. Drew and Bob talk about a wind farm that Drew had discovered years earlier and make plans to look further into it, exciting Drew.

Still working his con, Bob and his father meet with investors posing as different people and collecting checks.

Back in Midland, Bob is holding a BBQ with Lindsey, her family and friends. He gets into a scuffle with her ex-boyfriend. After all of the guests leave, John shows up to warn Bob that politicians are suspicious of some of his properties and that he needs to get out of there and leave this con behind. In the middle of the night, Bob gets up to leave his life with Lindsey. He tells her that something has gone wrong with the wells and that it may be a while before he is back.

On his way out of Midland, Bob stops at a gas station. He watches a cashier deal with his father and tells him he understands how he feels. Bob has a breakdown in his car, crying and getting angry. He leaves his Midland cell phone and wallet behind in the trash.

The Thatcher’s are having a party at the office, where Cat is giving Bob notes about those in attendance. Trammell confronts Bob, saying that the hotel where he claims to stay at has no records of him. Bob admits he pretends to stay there to keep up appearances, but prefers to stay at cheap motels. Bob sneaks away and starts to panic. Cat reassures him that everything is great and he is going to do just fine.

Bob decides to purchase the land in Midland that was raising eyebrows with money from his new job. This way everything seems legit. We then see Bob walk into the room with Lindsay wearing a wedding dress.

Lone Star
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Lone Star Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

If you want to make something that lasts, you gotta make it with your own two hands.

John Allen

This is a house of cards. You don't get to live in it.

John Allen