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Bo gets kidnapped and takes a job from Mayer, a Dark Fae, to look for a human who made a winning bet at the horse races. Bo finds out that the guy died days before the bet was made. It turns out that his body was taken over by a Hsien. Bo and Dyson track down the Hsien at the morgue and force him into giving up who hired him. They inform Mayer that it was his own family members that did it. In exchange for helping Mayer, he gives Bo access to an Oracle to find out about her family. She finds out that she is a special Fae and that her mother is alive.


Lost Girl
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Lost Girl Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Bo: But, riddle me this: How does a dead guy walk around town placing bets? I mean I've heard gambling's an addiction, but come on.

I just barfed in my mouth. Dude, I can't believe I backed you with Bo. You make me look like a total tool. And, the worst part is you treated her like shit but somehow you're forgiven. That's why I'm no longer on Team Dyson. Peace!