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Bo is depressed over Dyson's rejection and won't get out of bed. Dyson is on a rampage at work because he was forced to push Bo away. Kenzi convinces Bo to go to the bar and drink away her depression. Bo is propositioned by a Fury and her wife. When Dyson walks into the bar, Bo takes them up on the offer. Bo has an intense threesome with them.

The next day, the Fury wife asks Bo to kill her husband's human mistress. Bo refuses and instead goes to protect the human, Jenny. The Fury tries to use her power against Bo, but instead Bo turns it against her causing her to have brain damage. Bo brings Jenny home to protect her and uses her touch to try and take away her emotional pain. But, Jenny develops feelings for Bo instead.

Bo goes to find the husband, Samir, but he was already dead. He was beheaded. Dyson and his partner find the Fury, but discover she didn't kill her husband. She then dies. It turns out that Jenny was not having an affair with Samir, but she was stalking him. She killed him. And, kidnaps Kenzi with plans to kill her to remove her from Bo's life.

Bo goes to rescue Kenzi. They escape from Jenny's place just before she blows it up.

Dyson is commended at work for bringing down a serial killer.

Bo and Dyson decide to have a casual "friends with benefits" sexual relationship.

Lost Girl
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Lost Girl Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Gold star for Kenzi. Rebound sex was exactly what I needed.


It doesn't matter because Lauren is human. I sleep with her and she dies.