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On the series premiere of Lost Girl...

  • Bo is working at a bar when a man tries to drug her. Instead drugging Kenzi.
  • The man follows Kenzi into an elevator to take advantage of her, instead Bo saves Kenzi.
  • Bo kisses the man to death literally.
  • Bo and Kenzi end up leaving together.
  • Bo is kidnapped by Dyson and taken to meet with the Fae.
  • The Fae don't understand how Bo has lived outside their notice her whole life.
  • They decide to give her a test and if she survives, she must pick a side.
  • Dyson helps Bo with her test.
  • Bo is about to fail the test, but Kenzi shows up and saves her.
  • Bo refuses to pick a Fae side and they allow her to leave.
Lost Girl
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Lost Girl Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Bye-bye Mr. Smiley Face.


Just one little kiss.