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A body is stolen from a grave. Trick asks Bo and Dyson to investigate because the body is that of his friend's deceased husband, a dancer.


They figure out a Lich stole the body. The Lich is not willing to give up the dancer from his collection. Bo tries to destroy the Lich's chi but is unsuccessful. The Lich threatens both Lauren and Bo's lives. He wants to watch Bo suck the life out of Lauren, but she refuses. When the Lich puts a knife to Lauren's throat, Bo becomes super powerful and sucks the chi out of all the Lich's minions. She doesn't realize or understand what happened. She ends the Lich's life.


Dyson has Hale take over his bodyguard job. Tori, the Glaive's daughter, hangs out with Kenzi. They break all the rules. Kenzi gives Tori coffee and she seems to die. Kenzi and Hale freak out and take Tori to Trick. Dyson hits her on the chest to re-start her heart.


Bo and Lauren get closer through their quest to save Nadia. Bo visits Nadia twice. Before the Lich died, he tells Bo that the nail is the sign of a curse, not an illness. They need to find a piece of wood with Nadia's name on it and remove the nail to end the curse.


Lost Girl
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Lost Girl Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Bo: So, we're looking for a flesh-eating Fae foody?
Dyson: Or his butcher?

Lauren: Look, if somebody that I slept with and care about told me that they had a girlfriend in a coma trapped inside a top secret facility run by a society of uber-humanoids called the Fae -- I'd think it was a blow off. I really need you to meet her.
Bo: Okay.